When one considers that the tyre is the only contact that the vehicle has with the road…

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When one considers that the tyre is the only contact that the vehicle has with the road, and that it has to provide the necessary grip with the road, it makes sense that they are in good condition, and that they are looked after properly.

How often have we heard the question, ‘Well, can’t it be repaired’ or ‘it will be OK as a spare’.
Many tyres are repaired when they should never have been. Others are repaired as a temporary repair only, but are sold to us as an acceptable ‘permanent’ repair. These are potentially dangerous tyres, and you may never know that.
It must always be remembered that a tyre that has been repaired can be described as a tyre that has had an injury. It will never have the casing strength that was originally built into the tyre – it now has a weak spot, which could well have had moisture or other contaminants creep into it, which in turn will start to affect the bond between the components not to mention the strength of the components in the tyre.

Certain categories of tyres should never be repaired, especially high performance tyres, whilst those that can be repaired can only be repaired in the tread area. Any tyre that is known to have been injured, or have had a puncture, must be removed from the wheel rim, inspected, and then the suitable combination plug/patch repair carried out on it. A plug repair that is carried out without the tyre being removed from the wheel rim, and inspected on the inside, is only a temporary repair, and is designed to get you to the point where you can have the tyre replaced.
It is important that you consult a reputable tyre dealer for tyre repairs. Ensure that they have the correct equipment and carry out a full inspection on the tyre before sending you on your way. Please remember no tyre manufacturer recommends a repair on the sidewall of the tyre, and most manufacturers void the warrantee on their tyres once it has been repaired.
Don’t risk your life, and those precious to you, on shoddy repairs and indifferent advice.

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