The air we breathe is 78 per cent nitrogen and 21 per cent oxygen. Nitrogen gas is non-combustible, non-flammable, non-corrosive in pure form and environmentally friendly. Nitrogen tyre gas does not attack or oxidise the rubber of the tyre from the inside like air does. It is a pure gas, so it does not hold heat and the tyres run cooler.

Nitrogen inflation of tyres has been common for tyres fitted on race cars such as F1, as well as aircraft, trucks and vehicles used in mining and other industrial applications for a long time. Nitrogen gas is also used in Tour de France bike tyres, in all the space shuttle tyres and even the moon buggy had nitrogen in its tyres.

It is important that we look at the benefits of Nitrogen gas from a road safety perspective:

The facts are clear and there is evidence to suggest that nitrogen tyre inflation is preferable to air inflation. There are compelling facts pointing towards better road handling and improved tyre life of up to 20%.

The top three reasons for blow-outs are poor condition, overloading and under -inflation. Poor condition comes from drivers not being responsible and running their tyres too far. Overloading comes from the same irresponsibility and the law not being enforced as it should be on both counts. We can however do something about under-inflation. The answer might be to fill tyres with nitrogen tyre gas.



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